Research Unit of Gonadal Differentiation and Function


The ultimate purpose is to understand "continuity of life". Life has been continued for billions of years without any gaps between generations. In vertebrates, differentiation of the testis and ovary from fertilized eggs, differentiation of sperms and eggs in the gonads, fertilization has been repeated in the continuity of life. I consider that ‘reproduction’ is the most important for "continuity of life". Thus, I have been investigated mechanisms regarding reproduction such as differentiation, development, and functions of gonads. I expect to understand the mystery of "continuity of life" in the future.




Associate Professor
Minoru Takase, Ph.D.


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How do I exist on earth in the connection of life that has continued for billions of years?
That's mystery.
How will life be continued in the future?
To elucidate mechanisms of the mysterious life continuity, I study differentiation, development, and functions of the gonad.
Furthermore, I’m doing researches that might be helpful for us to continue towards the future.