Dr. Tazawa showed the world’s first demonstration that limbs can be induced experimentally not only on the belly side of the tail but also on the back side, using the phenomenon that a new limbs occur from the tail cutting edge of the frog tadpoles.

Assistant Professor Ichiro Tazawa and Professor Yoshio Yaoiba of Amphibian Research Center, Hiroshima University have shown that they can experimentally induce limbs (roughly synonymous with “legs including the foot”) on the back side of the frog tadpoles’ tail. It is the first time in the world to discover that there is a potential to generate limbs also on the back side of vertebrates. The fact that the limbs grew on the back side of the frog tadpoles can be explained by “the position information of the cranial axis and back dorsal axis was partially reversed in the tail being regenerated”.
The results of this research were published online in December 2017 in the Development Science Journal of Development Biology “Development, Growth & amp; Differentiation December issue (59 Volume) p. 688-700”.

Regarding the results of this research, there was a press briefing session as follows.
Date and time: February 2, 2018 30 (Fri) 10: 00 – 10: 45
Place: Hiroshima University Higashi Hiroshima Campus Amphibian Research Center 3rd Floor Large Seminar Room
Attendees: Assistant Professor, Hiroshima University Amphibian Research Center Ichiro Tazawa
Hiroshima University Amphibious Research Center Professor Yao Yaburo

This news was reported by Chugokushinbun, NHK General TV, Hiroshima TV, TV Shinhiroshima.
Press Release form Hiroshima Univ. (JP only)