Research Group of Organ Regeneration



 Amphibian newts have a remarkable capacity of regeneration.In addition to the limbs, tail and jaw, they can regenerate thier ocular tissues (cornea, retina, lens), intestine, spinal cord, and even the brain and heart. On the other hand, the regenerative capacity of human and mice is extremely limited. Why do these big differences occur even though they are the same vertebrate animals?
 We investigate the mechanism of organ regeneration using Iberian ribbed newts an experimental model. we aim to clarify the principals of Organ regeneration.
 Our lab is also working on the development and maintenance of bioresource for the Iberian ribbed newt in order to provide them to domestic and foreign researchers.



Toshinori Hayashi, Ph.D.


Profiles Faculty and Research Scholars


Technical Staff
Kanako Kawaguchi


Graduate Student

Mitsuki Kyakuno

Hiromi Ikuta

Yuta Nakao


Undergraduate Student

Tamayo Okamura

Mai Takehara

Daiki Watanabe


We hope to condact colaborative research with many researchers using the Iberian ribbed newt.The Iberian ribbed newts have many useful abilities and interesting properties in addition to the capacity of regeneration. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.